Why IMAS Franchise?

Inviting Partners In Growth, Success & Opportunity, Our franchise support network helps franchisees reach their personal and business goals with a complete system including both business processes and educational curriculum.

Reasons to Join the IMAS franchise

  • Low Initial investment
  • Low operating expenses and overhead
  • No experience required
  • Work full or part-time
  • Strong demand for child development programs in a growing industry
  • Limited direct competition
  • An easy-to-operate system
  • Maximize your Centre’s revenue potential for Long Term
  • Long-term growth
  • Flexible Working Style

Our Franchise

Jyoti Sagar Shirodkar
Master Franchise

Imas Indian ( Abacus class) product is an important product and program
for future not only in mumbai but also all our India…Presently for Maths learning, conventional Abacus with beads is used but Imas India Abacus has developed something beyond that in the field of Abacus Education. While using Abacus our mind will not get diverted because of color sliders. Our memory, concentration and skill will go in the same direction & get developed. which in turn used for learning other subjects. It is very useful and can face any future challenges. By using this Abacus not only children but elders also can learn. It improves student’s in the age group 5 -13 years. It will help them to improve their Concentration, so less chance of diversion. It improves concentration and memory

Whenever we talk about abacus one thing is commonly said is that it develops brain & yes it’s totally true. But it’s more than that. It makes maths more fun, no more boring maths. Kids start calculating faster. They start learning new things. Their concentration is improved, listening power is improved. Abacus doesn’t just help them in maths but it helps ur kids to become more smarter, doing tasks in time, helping them to use more power of their brain.

Abhinav Talreja
Master Franchise

Its Gives me immense pleasure to write About IMAS ” Institute Of Mental Arithmetic System” Which says ” Together We Make The Difference” .

Above Tagline is indeed proved true/correct by the entire staff of IMAS.

Also, the best part is acceptance, acceptance of new things, of new changes if required, Technology etc. Also i must mention IMAS are Updated and Follow the latest trends. Entire Staff is very helpful, down to earth & Professional too. IMAS approach in systematic way and gives us very best service. Two Word that can change the way we approach in our life, Can I ?? or I Can ??, Choosing Correct Options creates Difference in Life…. IMAS has “I CAN” Attitude…… What About You ???

Say Yes to Abacus……………..  Choose IMAS INDIA……….!!!

Vasudeo Dabholkar
Master Franchise

We had gone through the syllabus of various Abacus teaching courses and finally found one that offered a very comprehensive and easy to learn course which has been designed by IMAS. The structure of the IMAS syllabus makes it simple for our children to understand and inculcate the basic principles of mental arithmetic in their school curriculum.
During our visits to various schools, we were happy to see great acceptance to the concepts of the IMAS Abacus course as a an excellent tool for Brain Development. It gives us great satisfaction that the parents are very happy with the positive results of IMAS course on the overall academic performance of their children. Parents have shared experiences how after enrolling with IMAS, the concentration and listening skills of their children have improved significantly helping them in other subjects too.
We thank IMAS management for being sensitive to the the need of having strict control over the Quality of education imparted by the Course Instructors and being vigilant on this front.
Confidence of the Parents & Students in IMAS Brand is our biggest asset & we take great pride in being associated with IMAS.