Maharashtra State Level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition 2019

The primary focus of this event is to bring all the students of every level on a single platform and assess their Mental Arithmetic and Brain skills. Thus it provides a healthy competition and also enables indirect quality recognition. Grand Champion, champions, Runner up, merit, participating students are recognized with certificates, medals, trophies & gifts


Mumbai World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Colaba, Mumbai.


VISUAL COMPETITION: 15th December 2019, Sunday
LISTENING & FLASH COMPETITION: Date: 22nd December 2019, Sunday
PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: Date: 22nd December 2019, Sunday


  • Every year, IMAS INDIA hosts National Level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition. We expect student participation of 2000+IMAS INDIA students aged 5 to 13.
  • After the competition, Awards Distribution Ceremony will be held where over 1000+ prizes are going to be given to the top students across each of the IMAS INDIA Level.
  • The events will have direct live in Facebook and YouTube, instagram. The results will also be published in the company’s website.

Tests and examinations enable assessment of the knowledge or skills of a student in a subject or an activity and they are more focused to assess to acknowledge levels of expected knowledge or skills. Competitions, on the other hand, are more focused on the expectations as to how extraordinarily the students can perform. Rather the competitions are aimed at bringing out the exciting possibilities of students’ knowledge or skills.

Competitions in Abacus based mental calculations are therefore the high-end tests exposing the children to seemingly tougher tasks in calculations. The challenge is increased steadily either by reducing the time for the given tasks or by increasing the number of tasks within an allotted time. Either way, the student participating in the competition to win in good positions must be capable of being extraordinary. The speed factor is the differentiating aspect which actually makes the student employs absolute concentration as a skill while doing calculations. Concentration is a single minded attention focused totally on the very limited sphere of activity which only brings out positive results. While calculations are done by a student using Abacus based computation methodology the student tends to go through an inner murmuring of numbers added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. So there is also a fine frequency listening that happens within, which becomes the part of the total activity. The student’s mind will experience hyperactivity within, while there is a visible inattention to the external environs. Hence concentration, visualization and listening as skills are harmoniously working in every split second thereof. The brain activity, therefore, is extremely great during abacus-based mental calculations and the speed that the student attains to finish the paper faster than the others has a visible veil of total silence for an onlooker. Competitions are therefore opportunities for the students to challenge their own brains to attain extended milestones which they are yet to experience, and which they might otherwise be missing to achieve.