IMAS (Institute of Mental Arithmetic System) started its operation in July 2017 with its 15 years of abacus experience & come up with unique designed books and syllabus which is helping students from four years to twelve years of age to calculate mental arithmetic calculations faster than a calculator just in few months and also witnessed power of brain.
IMAS Abacus classes offer a specialized course that is proven as a Brain Development Program for children. It is a boon for kids as it enables them not only to learn to do mental math’s but also to utilize all functions of both left and right brain. We at IMAS work in accordance with child’s psychology. We understand the importance of ‘play’ in a child’s life and implement playful methods in our lessons, so as to make their experience joyful and memorable translating into effective learning.

IMAS has Highly Motivated, Talented and Trained Team of Instructors Which Creates A Happy Environment for Kids to Learn Better and Ensure That Students Understand. IMAS understand that each kid is unique with her/his potential to be a winner. IMAS belief has always been to develop programmes ‘Keeping the Child in Mind’ and hence, follow the practical learning methodology. This practical learning methodology ensures the objective of making the child achieve excellence not only in academics, but also in other walks of life. This is achieved by the active involvement of Parent, Teacher and the Child to ensure best results.

Moreover, our programmes are designed to empower our children with the key skills required to face the 21st Century as below:

Creativity & Innovation
Critical Thinking

Our core values

mission Our Mission
IMAS recognize that each child is an individual that all children are creative that all children need to succeed. Therefore IMAS respects the individual needs of children by creating awareness in ancient tool of abacus in every child in every part of our society. IMAS INDIA Abacus aims to spread abacus education in every child at every corner of India
vision Our Vision
Preparing each student to succeed in a rapidly changing world
Teacher + parents + child = Together we make Difference
motto Our Motto
Every child can excell by unleashing the hidden potential within him/her.
By learning abacus through the systematic training approach at IMAS INDIA children can fully realize their potential by activating both sides of their brain. By consciously using the right side of our brain, we can be more creative. More so, because left brain strategies are the ones used most often in the classroom, right brain students sometimes feel neglected.
By activating the power of both hemispheres, a child will be able to retain knowledge better and become proficient in any subject, especially math.

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